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My name is Alisha Erin. I am a Wedding & Events Florist. I have been in the craft for over 9 years now since i was 16. I fell for more flowers then I did boys at that age, but my love affair with flowers started well before then much to my Grandads dismay. I would pick and cut his flowers to make perfumes for him which he was never quite as impressed with as I was. It took me years to pin point where i first resonated with flowers but it always went back to him. In his later years I started to turn my passion into a career creating magic with flowers for Weddings & Events throughout Perth and Australia which I was able to share with him before he passed right as I found my niche in Wedding flower design & styling.

I now work from my studio in the Northern Suburbs of Perth creating and flowering for my brides & clients. It really sounds all unicorns & roses but I live for the early 4am starts, the briefs that get your heart racing, the hours up and down ladders, the summer weddings & the winter weddings, the endless days creating knee deep in flowers and the flower sisterhood I have joined along the way. There is nothing else I would rather do! Trust me I tried for 3 months.

I have grown with this business from the moment i did my first wedding floral job from start to finish back in 2013 to signing the lease on my current studio in 2017. I had never been so nervous in my life, I found myself fully exposed and LOVED IT! 

I want to create the I live for the clients that want to push the boundaries and put their trust me completely. I create every day my weekends are spent flowering if I'm not getting as excited about your wedding as you are or nervous about the moment you finally get to see your bouquet or walk into the reception I HAVENT DONE MY JOB RIGHT!! 

Alisha Erin x